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The leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for energy resources accounting and automation systems


"NPF Teplocom" CJSC
45 Vyborgskaya emb.
St. Petersburg, 194044, Russia

tel.: +7 (812) 600-03-03
fax: +7 (812) 703-72-00


The history of "Teplocom" company started in 1992 from development and production of devices for heat energy and gas accounting. At present the product line is significantly broadened, the company's specialists developed and launched the serial production of new generation devices for resource accounting. On the basis of heat metering devices produced by "Teplocom" Holding (namely VKT-5, VKT-7, VKT-8, PREM, TSK5, TSK7) the large-scale programs for heat energy accounting are implemented. In 2001 the company launched production of SPECON industrial controllers. Along with "Teplocom" information-measuring system and "SPECON" hardware and software the industrial controllers make it possible to create automated systems for energy carrier accounting, and automated control systems of heat supply as well.

For the purpose of production development the company's specialists manufactured and adjusted the calibration rig for calibration and testing of mass and volume flow-meters. The calibration rig has successfully passed all the necessary tests and was included into the State Register of Measuring Instruments. At the present moment the component kit for calibration rigs is one of the company products.

In 2008 "Teplocom" company manufactured the first batch of modular individual heating plants. This equipment makes it possible to connect different objects to heat supply networks without using the distribution networks of hot water supply in order to decrease heat loss in transit. With the aim of simplification of design, kitting-up and assembling the "Teplocom" specialists manufacture modular individual heating plants in plant conditions and deliver them to objects as ready blocks that simplifies assembly operations for basements and hard-to-reach premises.