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"NPF Teplocom" CJSC
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St. Petersburg, 194044, Russia

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The acceptance test and purchasing system

Purchasing system has a direct influence on product quality. The major suppliers of "Teplocom" company are reliable and trust-worthy partners. Annually in accordance with quality management system we assess the suppliers and determine the best ones for partnership.

The acceptance test of supplier's product is conducted by supply department. The control includes identification, verification and tests of the product. The main purpose of acceptance test is confirmation of compliance of the purchased products to contract commitments and construction documentation. In the certain technological stages the operational control is used for confirmation of product compliance to construction documentation and technological process. For confirmation of product quality compliance to construction documentation the acceptance control is performed. The purpose of that are adjustment and acceptance test of heat meters, heat-calculator units, gas amount calculator units, magnetic flow transducer PREMs, and industrial controllers and peripheral devices as well.

"Teplocom" company uses two calibration rigs of "Teplocom"'s own make for acceptance and calibration tests of flow transducer PREMs. These flowmeter mass devices of 0,05 category are highly automated and efficient for performing flowmeter tests for nominal diameter up to 150 mm.